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Dani: Walking After a Spinal Cord Injury

December 13, 2020


Dani was struck by a random bullet which severed three vertebrae and left her paralyzed. She was in her senior year of college and had a bright future ahead. Suddenly, Dani's life changed, and she was uncertain if she would ever walk again. Despite her injury, Dani never lost faith nor did her radiant smile ever leave her face. With support from Falling Forward's donors, Dani has gone through many months of rehabilitation, and she is now ABLE to walk again!


Click here to watch Dani's remarkable story.

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Jason: Five Years After Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury

September 5, 2019


Back in 2014, Jason survived a bicycle crash that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury. After his injury, Jason didn't even know his name or recognize his wife. His recovery process would be long and slow. Just as Jason was building momentum toward his rehab goals, he reached the maximum number of visits covered by his insurance. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Jason’s recovery did not end when his benefits ran out. With ongoing rehab, Jason continued to regain skills and achieve his goals. Today, Jason is again ABLE to work and provide for his family!


Click here to watch Jason's updated story.

Ed's Inspiring Story: From Paralyzed to Coaching Pro Basketball

February 15, 2018


You may remember Ed. He was one of our first recipients. Ed is an athletics coach who suffered two strokes in 2013. The left side of Ed's body was paralyzed by the strokes, but Ed never gave up on his dream of returning to coaching. After many months rehabilitation (paid by our generous donors), Ed has virtually no disability! Ed is now ABLE to walk, drive, and has returned to coaching --- with the Kansas City Tornados, a new pro team! We are grateful to our friends at KCTV5 News for capturing Ed's inspiring story.


Click here to watch Ed's interview.

Advocacy Update: Repeal of Medicare Therapy Caps!

February 9, 2018

Therapy caps began in a piece of Medicare legislation in 1997.  For the past four years, we've been working with the American Physical Therapy Association and other members of the Therapy Cap Coalition advocating for change. Our efforts are paying off.

The sprawling bipartisan budget deal passed by Congress on February 9 included a permanent repeal of the hard cap on outpatient rehabilitation services for Medicare beneficiaries. That's Step 1. Our advocacy work will continue to push for the elimination of therapy caps in commercial insurance policies so all Americans have the opportunity to recover to their full potential!

Click here to read more about the legislation passed by Congress repealing Medicare therapy caps.

Update: Cayden's Story Keeps Getting Better and Better

July 14, 2017


Just 18 months ago, Cayden was paralyzed in a car accident and didn't know if he'd ever walk again.  After extensive rehabilitation, Cayden is now able to walk, drive, spend time with his friends and enjoy many activities that other seventeen-year-olds take for granted. Recently, Cayden was interviewed by KCTV5 and talked about some of his favorite new skills, including stand-up paddleboarding and rock climbing. He's living proof of what's possible with adequate rehabilitation!


Click here to watch Cayden's interview and see him paddleboarding.

KCTV5 Promotes Falling Forward as a "Take 5 to Care" Organization

July 1, 2017


KCTV5 is the station that "Stands for Kansas City".  At Falling Forward, WE STAND FOR ABILITY. So, it seems natural that we would "take a stand" together.


We're honored that KCTV5 has selected Falling Forward as one of their "Take 5 to Care" organizations for both 2016 and 2017.  KCTV5 is promoting and building awareness of Falling Forward through their on-air and online channels.  The first element of the campaign is a :30 public service announcement featuring KCTV5 anchor Brad Stephens which will air in continuous rotation.


Click here to watch the :30 public service announcement.

Update: Paralyzed Teen Bowls a Strike!

November 27, 2016


The good news just keeps coming about our friend Cayden who was paralyzed in a car accident in January. Cayden has now completed his rehabilitation and is enjoying "normal" life with his family and friends. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Cayden went bowling with his family. This amazing young man, who was paralyzed just months ago, now has the strength and balance to be ABLE to throw a bowling ball...and score a strike! Cayden is living proof of what's possible with adequate rehabilitation!


Click here to watch Cayden bowl a strike 

Paralyzed Teen Walks One Mile After Intensive Rehabilitation

October 8, 2016


Nine months ago, Cayden was in a car accident that left him paralyzed. He underwent intensive rehabilitation at our partner Craig Hospital, and Cayden's therapy continues at The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. Because of the intensive therapy he has gone through, Cayden walked one mile with his family during RIKC's Ability Quest event! We've been proud to support Cayden's amazing and inspiring recovery. 


Click here to hear Cayden discuss his rehab and one-mile walk

Over 60 Patient-Centered Groups Release Statement Regarding Healthcare Policy

October 5, 2016


Falling Forward proudly joined more than 60 other leading patient-centered organizations in releasing a statement regarding future healthcare policy. "We call for creation of a health care system that rewards the outcomes that matter to us as patients and participants in this nation’s health system. We reject the notion that we should be bundled into one-size-fits-all care models."


Click here to read the full statement

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Is Named Fourth Partner

March 29, 2016


We are thrilled to announce that Falling Forward has formed a partnership with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), which has been named the “Number 1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America” by U.S. News & World Report every year since 1991. Yet, despite the high ranking of RIC’s services, many RIC patients face therapy caps, and they don’t have the opportunity to fully recover.  Our grant to RIC will fund the continued outpatient rehabilitation of Illinois residents who have exhausted their insurance benefits and all other resources.


Click here to read the complete announcement.

Father Dances with His Daughter After Recovering from a Stroke

June 22, 2015


Ed was 48 years old when tragedy struck.  Unexpectedly, he had two strokes that disabled the entire left side of his body.  Ed, a man who has coached athletes for his entire life, suddenly had to practice what he preached.  Ed began a long, slow recovery process.  His goals: to be able to live independetly, to work again and, most importantly, to be able to dance with his daughter when she turned 16.  After nearly two years of therapy, Ed has achieved his goals!  He's living independetly.  He's out of the wheelchair and walks without a cane.  He has returned to coaching.  Best of all, Ed got to dance with his daughter!


Click here to watch Ed's story and dance with his daughter.

Teenager Is Learning to Walk Again with Support from Falling Forward

January 12, 2015


MacKenzie Langley is a teenager recovering from a near-fatal car accident. She sustained both a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury. MacKenzie is doing her rehab at Craig Hospital in Denver, one of  the premiere centers for TBI and SCI in the country. She is participating in the NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) program, a revolutionary rehab protocol that is teaching MacKenzie to walk again. However, insurance will only pay for a fraction of the NRN therapy sessions that MacKenzie needs.  That's where we stepped in.  A portion of our Falling Forward grant is funding MacKenzie and other patients in the NRN program.  We could not be more proud to be supporting their recoveries!


Click here to watch MacKanzie's amazing progress.

Lawrence Journal World Highlights Three Patient Success Stories

October 4, 2014


Over the past year, Falling Forward has been supporting patients at three rehabilitation centers.  Now, we're very proud to introduce you to three of those patients --- a teacher, an athletic coach and a grandmother --- who all had devastating medical events occur in the prime of their lives.  Thanks to support from Falling Forward, their recoveries are continuing and they are getting their lives back!  We hope you'll take a moment to read this article and meet these three wonderful people.  They are prime examples of what's possible with continued rehab.  With each therapy session, they are restoring abilities and resuming their daily lives!


Click here to read stories of three patients supported by Falling Forward.

Craig Hospital Becomes Third Rehab Partner; Falling Forward to Support NRN

June 2, 2014


We are very proud to welcome Craig Hospital as our third rehab partner.  Craig is one of America's premiere rehabilitation hospitals, delivering the highest level of care for patients with spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.  Our grant to Craig will fund general rehab for patients who have exhausted their insurance coverage, AND it will fund patients who are participating in the NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) program. NRN is a ground-breaking research program that Craig is conducting with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. We are confident it will change the game for patients with spinal cord injuries!


Click here to learn more about our partnership with Craig Hospital.

The Rehabilitation Institute of KC is Our Second Charter Partner!

​August 28, 2013

The Foundation has signed a ten-year agreement with the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (also known as "R!KC").  Patients receiving services from R!KC will now have the opportunity to continue their recoveries when their insurance runs out!


Pictured are (standing L to R) Dana Chatlin, Chief Development Officer, Jeanette Alexander Boucher, Marketing Director, Michele Tietz, Patient Services Representative, (seated L to R) Sam Porritt, Don Harkins, R!KC President and CEO, and Sara Baker, Director of Community Integration.


Click here to learn more about R!KC.

LMH Therapy Services Becomes One of Two Charter Partners!

August 28, 2013


On one very memorable day, we signed two partnership agreements!  The Foundation has made a ten-year commitment to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association to provide funding that will support patients who are receiving rehabilitation from LMH Therapy Services.


Pictured are (standing L to R) Jaye Cole, Director of LMH Therapy Services, Kathy Clausing-Willis, LMH Vice President/CDO, Gene Meyer, LMH President and CEO, and (seated) Sam Porritt, Founder of Falling Forward Foundation.


Click here to learn more about LMH Therapy Services.